VANOIR x Dutch on Wheels

You rare reading well, VANOIR started a collaboration with graphic artist Lisa Ottevanger from Dutch on Wheels. This has resulted in a limited edition of various types of leather bags with hand-painted flowers.

Esther van Oirschot, who is also “The Creative Mastermind” behind VANOIR, completed the fashion academy together with Lisa Ottevanger from Dutch on Wheels in the 1990s. Both ladies, since then close friends and mostly creative in the fashion industry, have each developed their specialism in recent years. Esther now creates handmade leather bags under her own brand VANOIR and for Lisa this is Dutch on Wheels, the production of custom-made graphic artworks.

These beautiful creative properties combined, results in this unique collection: leather bags with hibiscus flowers. The hibiscus has symbolic meaning for different cultures in many countries.

The collab between these two beautiful people is not only special because the products (created from this collaboration) are available in a limited edition, but especially because it is a combination of a special and distinct bag brand with nurtured by love, handmade, custom-made artwork.

The bags are each unique, because no artwork on the bag is the same. Each bag is numbered. A real must-have. Two series have been developed so far. Each series will consist of 10 to 20 items. These can be ordered in advance and will be delivered within one week.

In short: make your move and complete your wardrobe with this great collection from VANOIR & Dutch on Wheels.