ECLECTIC - light blue



... designing it in such a way with parts and/or characteristics of different styles in such a way that a whole or new style is created.

This bag is a real must-have. Beautifully hand-painted, a unique item, the flower actually meets you as if you can smell it. It makes you feel happy. There are three different ways to wear this bag, depending on how you feel and what you want to radiate: crossbody, clutch or in your hand. It has a magnetic closure and includes a table bag hanger!

It's a limited edition. The bags are each unique, because no artwork on the bag is the same. Each bag is numbered. A real must-have. Two series have been developed so far. Each series will consist of 10 to 20 items. These are now partially for sale online and can also be ordered in advance and will be delivered within a week.

H: 16cm     I     W: 27cm

available in color: light blue


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