With VANOIR every bag is different, because every woman is unique. Your VANOIR bag is a thing of beauty which expresses your individual style.  

All the bags are made of leather and have a cool, soft denim lining inside. So whether it is for an occasion, for travelling or for every day, your VANOIR is designed to make life that little bit easier. It’s all in the details.

Your VANOIR will complete your look, adding grace to every outfit and unleashing your individuality. I hope you will cherish it. It will love you back.



My name is Esther van Oirschot. I am the Creative Mastermind behind the scenes. 

VANOIR represents my personality: unique, passionate and creative. My life has always been about fashion. As a designer I have worked for many brands and been lucky enough to have travelled the world. It was obvious for many people that my next step would be to create a brand. It gives me so much pleasure (Yes, and pride!) seeing customers enjoying the bags which are sourced from the softest leathers shaped into the most ergonomic designs, with practical features. Receiving positive reactions from friends and customers drives me constantly to improve every detail of the bag.

My soul is wrapped in a piece of leather and shaped into a bag. I am grateful for every VANOIR bag I deliver and for the joy it brings its new owner.



When I was looking for a factory in India, I wanted to be sure that the bags would be beautifully made in such a way that would match my and your expectations. Naveen, a good friend of mine and manufacturer in India, helped to find a small leather factory in Dehli region, which is a family owned factory manufacturing for top brands globally. 

What impressed me, is that the people at the factory share my values on product quality, worker welfare and sustainable production. It feels like being part of a big family all working together to create these beautiful leather bags. Each bag is handcrafted & quality assured on all details.

I hope you will share my appreciation for the workmanship of my new family.

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