PHONEY - cobalt/aqua



Accessories don't need tricks or unnecessary details to announce themselves: this phone case is a handy model to take with you wherever you go. This 'PHONEY', carried by an adjustable strap, is made from supple goatskin leather, with denim lining, with tone-on-tone stitching on the seams and stamped with the Vanoir logo. This protective (and yes, impressive) phone case will tuck your phone away safely. On the inside is a card holder and 4 ways to style this into a fashionable outfit: crossbody, around waist/hip, adjusted to belt or around your neck. Available in several colors.

The leather strap is reversible: cobalt/metallic green.

H: 18 cm     I     W: 11cm 

available in color: cobalt/aqua

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