EASY - black shiny



... to use, to wear, to style! 

Designed for that fashionable woman who wants to carry all her important belongings with her. Enough space for your phone, small purse, keys, pen, handkerchiefs and eyewear. For that matter, there is even a special pocket in front to keep your glasses safe from scratches: it is lined with soft felt.

There are three different ways to wear this bag, depending on how you feel and what you want to radiate: crossbody, over your shoulder or in your hand.  It has a nice visible turn-closure and includes a table bag hanger!

It's a limited edition.This bag is a a unique item, because no leather the bag is made of is the same.  So a real must-have. These are now partially for sale online and can also be ordered in advance and will be delivered within a week.

H: 12,5cm     I     W: 23cm   I     D: 9cm

available in color: black shiny 

This bag includes two handles:

1. handcrafted braided leather

2. a nice leather long strap



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